Exploring a Discipline

1 Jahre
bachelor degree
Application deadline: 1 May (1 April if you want to use the housing options of the VU)
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The specialization ‘Exploring a Discipline’ offers a one year in-depth curriculum in a subdiscipline within theology or religious studies. It is specifically targeted at those who want to deepen their knowledge in theology or religious studies, but do not want to follow a two year research masters programme. The programme offers maximum freedom for students within their studies to choose courses in their field of interest.

This specialization is especially attractive to those who are already professionals in a field of theology or religious studies, for example as ministers or teachers in secondary schools, or students who just want to deepen their expertise in theology or religious studies.

The programme
The curriculum of ‘Exploring a discipline’ consist of two compulsory core modules, Hermeneutics and Research Skills. These will provide the theoretical basis for research in theology and religious studies. Besides these two modules, you are free to choose three modules from the list of master courses in the first semester. You can choose specialization courses in Dogmatics, Biblical Studies, Church History, Practical Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Islamic Theology and courses from the other 4 specializations (Leadership, Media, Spiritual Care and Teaching Religious Diversity).
In the second semester you will do an internship, write your thesis and take part in the ‘master seminar’.

In the module on hermeneutics you will be taught philosophical hermeneutics, which is one of pillars in the methodology of theology and religious studies. ‘Research Skills’ will deepen your understanding of methodology. In this course you will also be trained in the philosophy of science, argumentation, and you will write your thesis proposal. Directly after ‘Research Skills’ you will start writing your thesis and do your internship at the same time. This can be an internship in an organization or company, but you can also do a research internship within the faculty of theology itself. The ‘master seminar’ is an integral part of the whole second semester. During your internship and writing your thesis, you will be coached and supervised within the ‘master seminar’.

Career prospects
The specialization ‘Exploring a Discipline’ is not a direct preparation for a professional career. Depending on the choice of your subdiscipline in theology or religious studies, you qualify yourself for certain professions. For example, when you specialize in philosophy of religion and religious diversity, you may be qualified to work as a policy advisor for the government.

Further, if you complete your masters with a grade average of 8 out of 10, you can enter the second year of our Research Master's programme. In this year you will be trained further in research skills and be prepared for your PhD. This can be the gateway to academic career.

For more information create your own program brochure on www.vu.nl/en/programmes/international-masters/order-brochures/index.asp.
Request up to five programs and select which information you wish to receive. After sending the request, you will get an email with a download link for your pdf brochure.

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