Latin American Studies (research)

2 Jahre
Spanisch und Englisch
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The Research Master’s in Latin American Studies at Leiden University is a multi-disciplinary two-year programme that addresses cutting-edge debates around key social and cultural issues of present-day Latin America and the Caribbean region.

You will come in contact with disciplinary interpretations about current issues in the field of modern history, literature, as well as in the social sciences.

The research Master’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Leiden University provides you with a solid preparation in formulating and implementing a comprehensive academic investigation in Latin America or the Caribbean region in one of the mentioned disciplinary fields.

Choose Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Leiden University

• Carry out your own research in a Latin American or Caribbean country of your choice.
• Immerse yourself into the current reality of Latin America through Spanish-taught lectures. A substantial part of the programme is taught in Spanish, while some courses can be in English. You can choose to write your papers and thesis in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
• As a graduate of a two-year research master’s degree you are qualified to work as a junior academic researcher in an academic environment or carry out further research work on a PhD programme.
• Learn from scholars with a well-established international reputation, both within the institute and through the broad network of active contacts throughout Latin America, capable of offering you support during your research period.

Due to the long existing tradition at Leiden University of teaching and conducting research in Latin America and the Caribbean, the programme counts on a staff with a well-established international reputation. Distinguished Leiden scholars have joined forces to offer a well-balanced programme on this vast region. This programme, with its strong research orientation, is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands: no other Master’s in the country congregates so many sub-regions of the Americas and disciplines in a single academic programme, making it the only accredited Research Master in this field in the Benelux.

You will have the possibility to carry out research at various locations, including:

• Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

• Universidade de Sao Paulo
• Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
• Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul
• Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

• Universidad de Chile
• Universidad Diego Portales
• Universidad de Santiago de Chile

• Universidad Iberoamericana

But we also offer possibilities in many other Latin American countries.

Career opportunities:
Upon graduation, you will be well-equipped for conducting independent research at a high academic level. As a graduate of a two-year research master’s degree you are qualified to work as a junior academic researcher in an academic environment or carry out further research work on a PhD programme. However, there are various other highly-rewarding career options available.
The experience and knowledge you acquire carrying out independent research in the area makes you an attractive candidate for a position at specialised state agencies, ministries, development organisations,NGOs, European companies which operate in Latin America or the Caribbean, or as a junior lecturer at any of the universities that provide related programmes.

Positions you could hold after your studies

• Communication specialist at Driscoll’s, an international concern dealing in fruit
• Teacher of Spanish at a university of professional education
• Freelance fundraiser/client relationship manager
• HR Management Trainee for Unilever
• Mobility Consultant at Crown Worldwide, an international removals company
• Project Officer at the Expertise Centre for Literary Translations
• Sales Manager for a travel agency
• Translator/administrative officer at an embassy
• Supervisor, South America Team at Riksja Travel, a travel agency
• Economic Policy Officer at the Dutch Embassy in Brazil

Some figures about graduates of Latin American Studies

How successful are they in finding a job?

100 % found a job within six months.
63 % found their first job at professional or university level.
82 % held a position at professional or university level when the study was carried out.

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